My little town

Like most small towns near Seattle, my little town struggles with growth while trying to retain that small town feel.  The powers that be tell us we are almost grown out….there is very little room left for growth.  My inner Emmet Watson rejoices!  But knowing when growth can’t go out it goes up, I worry.  Apartments and condos are people concentrate, and those are the only options left.

I’m a late comer to my little town….I’ve only lived here for 15 years.

My original little town, about 25 miles south, exists in name only.  Its history and my tangible memories plowed under by prosperity….and that’s prosperity with a capital P.  Driving down Memory Lane in the original my little town, is becoming pointless.  There are fewer and fewer structures left that would trigger memory.  Most of the homes of family and old friends, deemed worth far less than the land on which they stood, have been replaced by, in modern parlance….McMansions.


Boo hoo.

This isn’t the first time this has taken place.

Near my house are a couple of tributes to previous inhabitants that probably disliked the changes they saw coming their way as well.





I wonder who will come next.



iPhone cameras have an upside and a downside.

On the upside….it’s easy to carry everywhere you go and the focal length is short so it has depth of field for miles. On the downside….I’m less than thrilled about the low light result….kinda noisy.  But I was even less thrilled about the small bat that was flitting around in the low light.  I took this pic when I was hunkered down hoping he wouldn’t notice me.  I became kinda noisy when I thought he did.


not going to bitch about it.

Thought I’d try a 365 photo attempt.  The idea….if I do it….and finish it….is to be able to look back at the year.  Okay there has to be more to it than “oh yeah, I remember that”….hopefully.  I’ve got nothin’ to lose….even if I have nothin’ to write about.

Which brings me back to weather….not going to bitch about it.

You can’t get a rainbow without rain….today small squalls blew in and blew out….and one came with a rainbow.

But there must come a time when a rainbow isn’t much in the way of compensation for the amount of rain….thinking of Houston.