This 365 photo experiment is not as easy as I thought it would be.

I’ve missed a few.

No excuses….but one caveat….I’m older.  Being older, and for no reason other than, when Mother Nature and Father Time gang up on you the results can be unpleasant.  That’s a whiney way of saying….yesterday I felt achy.  You wake up and wonder if you’ve walked in your sleep and in your somnambulant wanderings….got hit by a bus.

Decrepitude aside….yesterday I’d been noodling a daily prompt from….PhotoBlog.

The prompt was Space.

I thought and thought….had some ideas….rejected them all….so when evening came, along with the realization that my creativity combined with crankiness culminates in bupkis….I was disappointed in myself.  But not so much that I wouldn’t indulge myself….Hey! I was feeling poorly!….I flopped on the sofa and watch television at it’s finest.  I watched San Andreas.  If you didn’t get a chance to catch it on TNT last night….you should know it was awesome in it’s overblown crappiness.  I love disaster movies.  Earthquake, Volcano, Airplane….love ’em….the cheesier the better….tv should come with more cheese.  But Sharknado….really?….I couldn’t bring myself to finish it.  So awful a choice it should come with a walk of shame.

After San Andreas, I was exhausted but now in love with Dwayne Johnson….

who can do everything from piloting a helicopter through crumbling highrises to navigating a small boat over an incoming tsunami while dodging the twin propellers of a capsizing giant freighter….plus….he can hold his breath under water for like 10 minutes!  I was also delighted to find that a frequent Saturday night indulgence was on two hours earlier than normal.  Svengoolie.  Like Vampira and Dr. Morgus of old….he hosts late night horror movies…only now at 10:00 pm….which is nice….if you’re older.  But last night he came on at 8:00!  The Powers of Cheesy TV must have known I was under the weather as well as the weight of two pugs….making it hard but not impossible to reach for my camera….conveniently parked on the coffee table.

Last nights Svengoolie offering was….



It has all the elements required for cinematic success.

Your sleepy desert town….

A UFO (always initially mistaken for a meteor) plummeting to earth….

A close up of said meteor….so the viewing public could see it’s no meteor and the string is barely noticeable….

Two people (always the two most attractive people in town) who happen to be stargazing that evening….

An Alien….may be malevolent….or indifferent….but always cheesy….

and though some of the town folk do get taken over by the alien….they look normal but act strangely and sorta menacing….I’m hard pressed to be harsh with the alien because….

IT LEAVES A TRAIL OF GLITTER!!!….What is not to love!

All in all….an evening well spent.  And….fulfills my daily photo prompt of….Space.

Okay….it’s a cheap attempt….but I had a headache.





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