Prompts & circumstances

Left to my own devices my creativity peters out.

Photography and other art classes worked for me because they pushed me to tackle things I normally wouldn’t have taken on.  Plein air painting?! ….ya mean outside?….IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!!??

Then I discovered Prompts.  Then I discovered how many people contribute them….thank you Internet.

Prompts….nudges….idea incubators….call them what you will, it’s kinda like putting your brain on a creative scavenger hunt.

Works for me.

There are numerous prompt compilations, but I this one grab my attention ….

Saw the Structure one yesterday morning and for the rest of the day thought “hmmm structure, structure structure, how could structure be interpreted?….hmmmm”.  Then it hit me….literally.  I ran smack dab into a spider web.  And after that frantic dance known only to arachnophobes as OH DEAR GOD IS THERE A SPIDER ON ME!!?? was over….I had my structure.

I am an arachnophobe.

I have a studio creativity pit in the basement….and this scenario has played out several times….

me (running up the stairs):  “PACK UP! We are moving!”

Husband (not looking up from latest Car & Driver magazine) :  “Spider in the basement?”

But still, as long as they don’t surprise, stalk (oh yes they do), or try to suck the blood from me while I sleep (or anytime for that matter), I find them fascinating to photograph.  And the circumstance I find myself in is….spiders love my house.

This one….Charlotte….was building a web on the underside of my deck railing….probably having mistaken one of my pugs for a pig.

She is not my Structure picture….she just put me off eating crab for a long time….the similarity being glaringly unpleasant.

This represented Structure to me….

Builder & building.

Nice large aperture….fuzzed up the woods in back nicely….but this guy too was on my deck.

I know spiders are beneficial.  And not all of them send me into a stampeding frenzy….just the ones with visible meat on their exoskeleton….guh….that made me shudder.







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