It’s awesome

I cracked and bought a new camera….a Nikon D500.

I hemmed and hawed….weighed pros and cons….necessity vs. luxury….and finally thought….

screw it….I’ve more time behind me than ahead of me….so it’s a go!….I make more and more decisions lately using that logic….and, so far, haven’t regretted a one.

By the time I got the battery stoked it wasn’t quite evening but the light was waining….


85mm f/1:1.4

Are there star filters anymore?

A little later….

same lens….tripod mounted, mirror up….and just spitballed the time until I got something pretty.

Last night was beautiful and clear….tonight will be a different story.  We’ve had muted sunshine today due to forest fires.  When British Columbia is on fire the prevailing winds have given us scratchy throats and husky voices but beautiful sunsets….


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